Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kunjaakkamma* | കുഞ്ഞാക്കമ്മ*

(Transl. from the original by the author - K M Pramod)

Unlike Kunjaakkamma,
The thatched huts of Kandakkai
Shivered in the Wind and
Cried in the Rain.

When sought to fill the Holes in their Roofs
with Grass of the Land, before Monsoon
they were called "Bastards" by the Landlord.

Thus the Men and Women
Entered in the useless Grassland of that Bastard
for the Grass.
Police Reaped the pubic hair of Males,
Pots in the kitchen were Shattered by their Canes.

And the Shattered pots United,
Kunjaakkamma Led.

Chirukandan Cried "Oh mother! Fish Curry"
Smelling the Red stain in the Pieces of Broken pots.

First Strike of their Fist was on their Chest,
Then towards the Sky.

Kunjaakkamma returned from Jail,Like a Broken pot.

A whole village wove a Dream net of Fish Curry
by smelling Red.


Author's Note :
* Dedicated to the Evrgreen Memory of 'Kunjaakkamma' who led historical strikes during 1950's like 'Picking grass Strike', 'Reaping Strike' and 'Carrying Shattered pots Strikes' in Kandakkai, a Small village in Kannur,Kerala.

(കെ എം പ്രമോദിന്റെ കുഞ്ഞാക്കമ്മ; പ്രമോദ് തന്നെ ഭാഷാന്തരം ചെയ്തത്.)


damodaran said...

Mr.Pramod, I am interestedtoknowmoreabout you c.damodaran,'karthika',mayyil,670602 04602 - 275225

Pramod.KM said...

CD,i called ur home.u were not there.my ID is pramodcusat@gmail.com

Pramod.KM said...

and very very glad to see the comment from the grandson of beloved Kunjaakkamma.

Pramod.KM said...

A mail frm c.damodaran:
Kandakkai adhikari was Kunjakkamma's cousin. there was 5 cases related to "pullupari samaram". kunjakkamma was the first one who accused in the "kalam kettu samaram". nd in kalamkettu samaram total 16 were accused and kunjakkamma was the only one lady. and if am right she expired in 1961.
have you heard about Kunhappa Nambiar who burst out that 'ndaum ndaum communist party' while msp asked him to say "down down communist party" ? he was kunjakkamma's son.
thanks and regards